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Adriana Lima

Brazilian supermodel and actress Adriana Lima in a short black leather skirt with suede boots
Model Adriana Lima wears an all black outfit while making her arrival to the Victoria’s Secret Office for her fitting, Adriana looked sexy in a short black leather skirt with suede boots.
,Actress,Adriana Lima,Celebrities,...Read More
American beauty star Adriana lima
Supermodel Adriana Lima has an almost frighteningly fierce look on runways, but that's not the woman who emerges,Actress,Adriana Lima,Celebrities,...Read More
Adriana Limas Weird Beauty Habit With Mascara
In a recent interview, Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima admitted her weird beauty and makeup habit is showering with mascara and letting the ink run down,Actress,Adriana Lima,Celebrities,...Read More
Adriana Limas Victorias Secret Moments
It's hard to believe that it has been 16 years since Adriana Lima first was honored with the title of Victoria's Secret Angel. Since 2000,Actress,Adriana Lima,Celebrities,...Read More
Adriana Limas Fitness for Victorias Secret Fashion Show
The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is coming right up, and Adriana Lima is getting ready to strut her stuff in dreamy lingerie as millions,Actress,Adriana Lima,Celebrities,...Read More
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