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How to recharge phone number via Google Pay

Mobile phone users nowadays are relying on apps such as Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, among others to recharge their phone number and that has turned out to be extremely easy and convenient. We have listed out the steps to recharge your phone number via Google Pay app.
To recharge your mobile phone using Google Pay, download Google Pay app for android, if you already haven’t yet.

How to recharge phone number via Google Pay

-To start with, first download Google Pay app and set it up. Follow the process mentioned here
-Once that it done, swipe up on the app
-You will be able to see several options on the screen, click on New
-Then click on Recharge Prepaid Mobile
­-Now enter the 10-digit mobile number that you want to recharge
-Tap on continue option
-Enter a nickname for the phone number in the given space. This will basically allow you to recognize the contact in future.
-The app will automatically track the operator, you also get the option to select operator and circle
-The click on continue option
- Select the plan from the list. And if you already know the amount of the plan, just enter in the given space
- Tap on Proceed to pay option and make the payment to successfully recharge the mobile number.


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