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How to share your screen during video calls on Telegram app

Telegram recently launched a screen sharing feature for its users. Screen sharing allows the participants in a group video call to share their mobile screen and display documents or videos or whatever they want others to see. Prerequisite: Make sure you have the latest version of Telegram installed in your smartphone.

Here is how you can use this new feature:

1. Open Telegram app on your phone
2. Open a Group chat in which all the members are present.
3. Click on the icon of the group.
4. Click on the chat box icon with waves in the middle on the top right to start a voice call with that person. (You can also turn on your camera a make it a video call)
5. Click on the three vertical dots on the voice chat bar and select screen share
6. Give the screen sharing/ casting permission to the app
7. Now the participants of the call will be able to see your screen on which you can show them the content you want to share.


How to share your screen during video calls on Telegram app
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