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How to access Reliance Jio services on WhatsApp

Indian telecom operator Reliance Jio has launched a new WhatsApp chatbot for its users. Using the service, Jio prepaid, postpaid and broadband customers can access several features such as plans, order a new SIM, get JioFiber support and more using WhatsApp.
Wondering how to access Jio services on WhatsApp, follow our step-by-step guide:


Working internet connection
Active WhatsApp account

How to access Reliance Jio services on WhatsApp

1. Open Contacts on your smartphone and save 7000770007 on your phone
Alternatively, you can simply dial the phone number and save it to your contact.
2. Then, head to WhatsApp and tap on the ‘Message’ icon at the bottom right corner
3. Search for the saved contact and tap on it
4. Now, type Hi and send to start the conversation
5. After this, the Jio chatbot will respond with menu options. Look for the service you want to access and then reply with the option number.


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