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How to correct your name and date of birth on Covid-19 vaccination certificate

The Cowin website now allows people to make corrections to their Covid-19 vaccination certificates. Here’s good news for people whose vaccination certificate got their name, gender or date of birth inadvertently wrong.
This means that people can now raise a request and make corrections in their vaccination certificates via the Cowin website. However, it is important to note that these corrections can be made only once. Also requests for correction can be made only for name, year of birth and gender. No other request is allowed nor will be entertained.

“Now you can make corrections to your name, year of birth and gender on your Cowin vaccination certificates if inadvertent errors have come in. Go to and Raise an Issue,” says a post on Aarogya Setu’s Twitter handle.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to raise request:

1. Visit ‘’ and click on Register/Sign in yourself button at the top right.
2. Enter your registered phone number and OTP received on the phone number.
3. From the Account Details section, tap on the ‘Raise an Issue’ button.
4. Choose the member name from the drop-down list. This step is mandatory even if you have only one member registered.
5. Click on ‘Correction’ in the Certificate option and then tap on Continue.
At the next steps, it will ask you about the corrections that need to be made.
6. Select the field for which you want to make the correction, enter the correct details and tap on Continue button to register the request.


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