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WhatsApp Flash Calls - Who working on a new Flash Calls feature for Android

WhatsApp is introducing a new feature called Flash Calls which will allow you to log into your account quickly. Here is what we know. One of the features that WhatsApp is reportedly working on is the Flash call feature that lets users log in to their accounts quickly.
- WhatsApp is working on a lot of important features that are yet to get out of the beta mode.
- One such feature that WhatsApp is developing is the Flash call feature that lets users log in to their accounts quickly.
- iPhone users will not get the flash calls to feature because Apple does not offer any public API to read the call history.

WhatsApp Flesh Call Feature Who working on a new Flash Calls feature for Android

WhatsApp is working on a feature known as flash calls. This will see the calling method become an automatic process as well. According to WABetainfo, this is who the process will work:
You install WhatsApp on your device as usual
WhatsApp then asks you to grant it access to your phone’s log in addition to the usual Make and Manage calls permissions
You then enter your number as usual. You will also be asked to confirm that the number you have entered is correct
During the next stage, you will be given an option to verify using SMS or Flash Call
If you opt for flash call verification your phone will receive a brief call. WhatsApp will not pick up and the call will appear in your logs as a missed call.
WhatsApp reads the log and confirms you are indeed the owner of the number and logs you in.
How does WhatsApp know to verify/login the right account? The trick is in the number that is used to call you. The last six digits of that number are the code much like the code that is sent via SMS. Those digits are unique and randomly generated.

Not for iOS

It is important to note that iOS smartphone users won’t be getting the feature as Apple doesn’t offer any public API to read the call history. The report further states that this feature is optional and users will still be able to verify themselves using the existing methods.


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