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How to secretly read deleted WhatsApp messages simple steps

WhatsApp has no officially allows any app and no officially annouse to read deleted messages. But there are third party apps that let you read messages that you deleted before. Check out of such apps here. Read on to find out.

There are just simple steps that you need to follow, step by step check it out here.

Step 1: Head over to the Google Play store. You must note that this app is available only for Android. So, iOS users will be left disappointed.
Step 2: Download and Install the Notisave app on your smartphone that has your WhatsApp account logged in.
Step 3: Login to the app with the required details and head to the homescreen of the Notisave app that shows WhatsApp icon.
Step 4: Select the WhatsApp icon and you will be able to see all the deleted messages out there.
Step 5: To check for a specific contact, the Notisave app allows that as well. Just filter out the contact.

How to read deleted WhatsApp messages

While this does make things easier, these apps have a few drawbacks. For example, with Notisave, you need to deal with ads if you are using the free version. The paid version comes for ?65/month so you need to decide if these deleted messages are important enough for you to spend that money every month. Besides this, apps like Notisave can only recover simple text messages, any media file including GIFs, images, and videos cannot be retrieved. 


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