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EPF - How to Withdraw Money From Your Account Online

Employees can only withdraw partial money from their EPF account if they are currently working under an employer. In this article, we are providing steps through which you can withdraw money from your EPF online.
EPF withdrawal online is possible through the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) website. Employees' Provident Fund - commonly known as EPF - is a compulsory contribution provident fund that offers the workforce in India with saving, pension, and insurance benefits.

All regularised workers in the country need to contribute to the fund with 12 percent of their basic pay (and dearness allowance, where applicable) every month, as per the norm. The contribution is saved in an EPF account of the workers, and the entire money contributed - along with a similar contribution from the employer and interest - can be withdrawn at the time of retirement. However, there are ways for premature withdrawals as well.

How to withdraw money from EPF online

Before beginning with the steps of EPF withdrawal online, it is important to note that complete withdrawal from an EPF account is only possible if an individual retires or remains unemployed for more than two months. The EPFO has, however, made provisions for partial withdrawal in some cases, such as medical illness, marriage, calamity, and house renovation. You can look at the criteria for premature withdrawal on the FAQ document available on the EPFO site.
- Visit the UAN Member e-Sewa portal.
- Enter your Universal Account Number (UAN) and password as well as enter CAPTCHA. And then, click on the Sign in button.
- Now, click on Online Services from the top menu and then click on CLAIM (FORM-31,19,10C&10D) option.
- Verify the details appearing on the Online Claim form.
- Once verified, enter your bank account number.
- Click on the Verify button and then click on the Yes button available on the certificate of undertaking.
- You will now be asked to proceed with the claim by clicking on the Proceed for Online claim.
- The claim form will now require you to enter whether you are applying for the advanced PF withdrawal. It will show a drop-down menu titled 'Purpose for which advance is required' to select from the available purposes for your withdrawal requirement.
- Enter the amount required in the following text box and then enter your mailing address in the Employee Address section.
- Click on the certificate and submit your request.
Once submitted, the EPFO site may ask you to submit scanned documents for the purpose for which you have filled the claim form. The request will need to be approved by your employer to proceed with the withdrawal. Moreover, it may take 15–20 days to receive the money in the bank account you've linked with your EPF account.


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