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How to remotely download games on PlayStation 5 using your smartphone

The latest update of the PlayStation App now allows users to remotely download games. This means PS5 and PS4 owners can now initiate a download from anywhere in the world given the console has enough free storage, turned on and connected to the internet.
The PlayStation App now also gives users the ability to manage storage, delete apps and other media from their PS5 consoles. The feature is not available for PS4.
Here’s how to download games on PS5 and PS4 remotely:


Make sure PS5 has enough free storage
The latest version of PlayStation App
Working internet connection
iOS version 12.2 or above
Android version 6.0 or above

Steps to download games using PlayStation App

First, download and install the PlayStation App and log in using the same PSN account linked to your PlayStation. Link the PlayStation App by heading to Settings > Link Console to App.
1. Open PlayStation App and head to PS Store
2. Search the game you want to download and Add it to cart
3. Confirm your purchase and make payment
4. Now, Head back to the app’s home screen -> Game Library -> Purchased
5. Then, tap the game and choose Download to Console option
After this, the download will begin on the console connected to the app. You’ll receive a notification when the download is complete.


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