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Resident Evil Village - Sound

You know how there is an eerie silence in the night just before you hear a dog bark or the sudden horn of a car. That's the same feeling the sound design of RE Village gives you. You are walking through the settlement. It’s silent, except for the sound of your footsteps. And all of a sudden, you hear something above you, on the rooftops of the house. It's a Lycan. It roars. Suddenly, there's a pack of Lycans. It's this build-up that happens in a matter of seconds that's present in various capacities throughout the game and is proof of the importance of good sound design in a horror game. 
Another special mention to the voice actors in the game. There were multiple times when I thought the game would get quite corny or cheesy, but it didn't. The voice acting is spot-on, from the impatient tone of Lady Dimitrescu to the condescending Heisenberg and even Mother Miranda. 
I highly recommend you play this game with a pair of headphones. It is immersive, and when you hear a sound from behind you on the left, you better turn quickly. 


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