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Resident Evil Village - Graphics

Visually the game is stunning. From its cold white village to the large halls of the castles, the underground factory and even the swamp areas, it's all very diverse. The game may have 4-5 key areas you visit, but each one has a character of its own. Since the game is in first person, special emphasis has been made to ensure that the characters you encounter up close are detailed and very well animated. Standing inches away from Lady Dimitrescu’s face really does send shivers down your spine. The textures on some of the walls, however, feel slightly low resolution. There are also times, especially when you are running from one area to the next, when we notice some texture pop in. 
While the game supports ray-tracing, one of the downsides is that many areas in the game are too dark. This does have a scary appeal in some areas, but in others, it feels more like a hindrance, especially if you are trying to solve a puzzle. 
The weapons in the game have a detailed design but a special mention for the enemies you encounter. Sticking with the ones you may know of, the Lycans are well designed. Their hair moves naturally as they try to avoid your gunshots while the hoods of the sword-wielding enemies sway as they try to take a swing at you. Some of the NPC’s you encounter in the village are pretty scary, and a lot of this has to do with their design.

Overall, while RE Village may have some shortcomings, the overall package on offer is immersive, with rich, vibrant environments, diverse enemies to tackle, and realistic environments to traverse.


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