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How to use the Fire TV Stick with Alexa

The Fire TV Stick comes with an Alexa Remote that allows you to perform voice-commands. Not only does it let you pause, rewind and fast-forward content with just your voice, but it also provides bonus features, including the Jeopardy game and help with Weather forecasts.
Below is a master list of the Alexa commands that work with the Fire TV Stick, which we'll be updating as more skills become available. 

Watching content

"Alexa, watch The Handmaid's Tale."
"Alexa, open Netflix."
"Alexa, open PlayStation Vue."
"Alexa, Pause."
"Alexa, play."
"Alexa, stop."
“Alexa, fast-forward”
“Alexa, forward 5 minutes”
“Alexa, skip 30 seconds”
“Alexa, play next”
"Alexa, next episode"

Finding content

"Alexa, show me nearby restaurants"
“Alexa, show me [show or movie title]”
“Alexa, show me [insert genre]”
“Alexa, show me Bruce Willis movies”
“Alexa, search for Westworld”
"Alexa, add this to my watchlist"
"Alexa, show my watchlist"
"Alexa, search for the NPR app"
"Alexa, watch HGTV [or any show] on PlayStation Vue [or Hulu]"
"Alexa, watch [insert Prime Video Channel name]"

The News

"Alexa, play my flash briefing" [if enabled in Alexa app] or "Alexa, what's the news?"
The Weather
"Alexa, what's the weather?"
"Alexa, what's the forecast?"
"Alexa, what's the weather in [insert city]?"
"Alexa, what's the weather like on [insert day]?"


"Alexa, play Jeopardy" [enable in the Alexa app]


"Alexa, play Beyoncé"
"Alexa, play All Star by Smash Mouth"
"Alexa, play [insert genre] music"


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