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Apple Preview A free option for Mac users PDF Editor

Developer: Apple | Compatibility: macOS | Category: : PDF annotation; image editing | Upgrade from free version: None - Apple's Preview application is built into every version of macOS, including macOS BIg Sur. Not only is it capable of working with PDF files, but it also offers a number of other image-editing features. It is the multitool of the image-editing universe, capable of opening virtually any image file you may encounter.

Apple Preview A free option for Mac users

Included with every Mac
Includes image-editing tools
Excellent annotation tools and options for adding signatures to documents
Not available for other platforms
Markup tools aren't easy to find
The bulk of Preview's markup capabilities aren't obvious when you first open the app, although you'll find a few basic tools for rotating pages and highlighting text on the basic toolbar. 
Preview's full set of markup tools appears when you click a small markup button that looks like a pencil tip located next to the search tool in the Preview toolbar.
Those markup tools include text-selection options; drawing tools you can use to add freehand drawings to a document; a text tool for adding additional text to a document; a tool that adds shapes and notes; and a signature tool that you can use to capture your signature using your Mac's camera, a tablet or your trackpad.
Preview is a solid option for basic PDF editing, and if you own a Mac, accessing Preview's powers is as simple as launching the app.


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