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GPay now Allows Contactless Payments via UPI ID Scan

Google pay said in an announcement earlier this week that now it will enable users to make payments at point-of-sale machines by simply tapping their phones and selecting UPI as the payment method. Who to Work GPay now Allows Contactless Payments via UPI ID Scan.

How Will It Work?

Currently, users pay by giving camera access to the app.
Now that for both, digital and cashless transactions, UPI is one of the most popular payment methods, and extra layer shall be added to promote the payment services wherein users can simply tap and pay.
This feature shall be available to the users of Google pay in near future. Currently, the feature shall only be supported in a specific set of NFC PoS machines.
Google Pay enjoys its own popularity in India and hence more PoS machines will likely be added in the near future as well as more such features can be added promptly and spontaneously.

NFC Integration For UPI Payments

The removal of dependence on credit and debit cards is the biggest addition that NFC integration for UPI payments gets.
For a select range of credit and debit Visa cards, issued by State Bank of India, Axis Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, HDFC Bank and HSBC, NFC tap has been integrated by Google to provide pay support.
Coupled with a fairly clean interface, a largely consistent services has been offered by Google Pay, after leading presences in the UPI and digital payment app segment.
However, National Payments Corporation of India has imposed some restrictive rules on the app.
In order to avoid market dominance by select few prominent apps as well as to make space for smaller startups to flourish, it is state that no app will be allowed to run away with indiscriminate market dominance as large tech players, in order to boost their payment apps, use their all-round influence.
Speculations were rife about unveiling of NFC based UPI payments when Google Pay had enabled NFC payments via cards. If remains to be seen if competitors jump the wagon as well, now that service has come to the app right now.


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