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How to recall emails in Gmail and Outlook

Looking for ways to retrieve that email that you mistakenly send to your colleague or your boss, here's a simple to recall emails in Gmail and Outlook. Did you send an email you should have not sent? No worries, in most cases it is possible to quickly stop this email or to cancel it from the recipient’s inbox. In some cases it is also possible to prevent the recipient from receiving the email in the first place. In this article I will explain:

How to unsend/recall email in Gmail

Most of us use Gmail to send and share files with our colleagues. The good part is Gmail has the option to unsend email too. Here’s how you can recall your email.
Step 1: Open your system and go to Gmail
Step 2: In the top right corner you will find Settings click on it and head to ‘See all settings’
Step 3: Following this, you will find ‘Undo Send,’ next to that a Send cancellation period of 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds will pop up
Step 4: Select the cancellation period of your choice.
It is worth mentioning, that the steps listed above are the pre-process, simply to say stopping the disaster before it actually happens. To recall the email that you have already sent, just tap on the ‘Undo’ option that you will see while sending an email at the bottom left corner. Upon clicking the Undo option your email will be recalled and you will get the chance to re-edit and send it to the right person. The only caveat is that in case you have waited longer than the 30-second exit window, you won’t be able to retrieve that email. So it advised to stay alert and act quickly.

How to unsend/recall email in Outlook

Unlike Gmail, Outlook has the option to recall an email or even replace it with a replacement text. But the only catch here is that the option is available if both user and their recipient have an Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange email account in the same organisation. Here’s how to unsend the email in your workspace.
Step 1: Open your Outlook account, double click the message you want to recall
Step 2: Under the Messages tab you will find Actions
Step 3: Once the Actions tab is opened you will see Recall this Message below.
Step 4: You can select the option based on your preference either unsend the email or replace it with a new one.


Now that we have covered Outlook our next port of call is Gmail. In recent years Gmail has rapidly emerged as a premier emailing system and millions of people across the world use it every day… that’s a lot of people who could potentially do with some form of recall or replace feature!
Countless Gmail users aren’t aware of it, but the recall feature does, in fact, exist and it’s extremely straightforward to use!
Log into Gmail
Click on the gear icon located in the upper right-hand corner
Select ‘settings’
Click the ‘labs’ tab
Enable the ‘undo send’ option and save changes
From now on each time you send an email, you’ll be presented with an ‘undo’ link at the top of your screen for 30 seconds. Once your 30 seconds is up you won’t be able to recall the message so make sure you get to it on the double to avoid the embarrassment of the recipient seeing your mistake.
Unfortunately if you have previously sent an email via Gmail and haven’t enabled the ‘undo send’ option then you will be unable to recall the message, we suggest dropping the recipient a line to tell them to ignore your previous email and keep an eye out for a replacement that you’ll send manually in the next few minutes.
How often do you find yourself in a position where using a recall or replace feature is an absolute necessity?  Leave a comment below and get involved in the conversation.


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