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How to buy the right oxygen concentrator in India - 5 tips to keep in mind

How to buy the right oxygen concentrator in India: Oxygen concentrators are playing a vital role in India amid the rising COVID-19 cases. Here are 5 tips to consider before buying the right oxygen concentrator.
With the rising COVID-19 cases in the country the demand for several health gadgets or equipments has surged. We have previously discussed how important a role is pulse oximeter playing in Indian homes today. We have also discussed the tips to buy a good pulse oximeter for home. Today, let’s take a closer look at yet another health gadget/equipment that’s attracting attention, it is the oxygen concentrator.
An oxygen concentrator collects oxygen and nitrogen from the surrounding air and filters the air that it provides to the patient through nasal cannula or oxygen masks. It is said that oxygen concentrators can produce up to 95 percent of pure oxygen to patients.
Let’s take a look at 5 tips to keep in mind while buying an oxygen concentrator. Note, unlike pulse oximeter, oxygen concentrator are expensive and can pinch your pocket.

Where to buy oxygen concentrator

Several websites such as 1mg, Nightingales India, Healthklin, and Healthgenie are selling oxygen concentrator in India. But you should be careful before purchasing an oxygen concentrators right now, given several websites are selling equipment like nebulisers and humidifiers at the higher price of oxygen concentrator and tricking innocent people. So, ensure to check all the specific details first before going ahead with the final purchase.

Check the brand

Oxygen concentrator is playing a vital role in our lives these days and given it’s an expensive equipment, getting a branded one is always suggested. Some of the popular brands that are selling oxygen concentrators such as Equinox, Oxlife, Inogen, Aspen, OCM, and Yuwell.

Check the flow rate capability

Once you have decided to buy an oxygen concentrator ensure to check the flow rate capability before making the final purchase. Now, what is flow rate?  Well, it is the rate at which the oxygen can travel from the machine to the patient.

Check the power consumption

It should be noted that every oxygen concentrator draws a different amount of power. The one with lowest power consumption doesn’t usually have the same flow as the one high power consumption. So, check with the doctor before purchasing the oxygen concentrator. It is recommended that you opt for a concentrator that work on consumer-grade batteries, so that it continues to work even when the power goes off.

Check the level of oxygen concentration

Before making the final purchase, you must check the level of oxygen concentration provided by the machine. Most oxygen concentrators have a concentration value between 87 percent – 99 percent, but this value differs between models. So, ensure to check with your doctor before purchasing the concentrator.


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