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How to factory reset your AirTags

Here's how to factory reset your AirTags, so you can hand them off to someone else. Knowing how to factory reset your AirTags is vital if you want to share them with another person.  While AirTags are extremely useful tools for finding your lost stuff, they can only be associated with a single Apple ID at any given time. That means you can’t share your AirTags' location with anyone else, including members of your own family - which is a pain if they've been attached to something that's used by everyone.
The way around it is to reset the tracker, then hand it off to someone else so they can connect it to their own Apple ID. Read on to find out how to factory reset your AirTags.

How to factory reset your AirTags using the Find My app

The whole process is pretty straightforward, so it shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes to get everything done.
- Make sure your AirTag is within Bluetooth range, otherwise the reset won’t work 
- Open the ‘Find My’ app 
- Select the AirTag you want to remove from your list of devices 
- Swipe up to reveal the AirTag settings menu 
- Hit ‘Remove Item’ 
- Hit Remove and then Remove again on the pop-up menu 

How to factory reset your AirTags manually

If you find yourself in a situation where the reset doesn’t take, but the AirTag has already been removed from your Apple ID, you’ll need to do a physical reset:
- Press on the stainless steel section on the bottom of the AirTag 
- While pressing down, rotate the cover counter clockwise until it stops 
- Pull both pieces apart to open up the AirTag 
- Remove and replace the battery, being careful not to let any young children get hold of it while you do so. 
- Press down until the battery makes a sound 
- Repeat this process four more times, so you hear the AirTag make a sound five times 
- Reattach the cover and press down until it makes another sound 
- Rotate the cover clockwise until it locks in place 
Given the time it’ll take to do a manual reset, it’s best to try and avoid that situation if you can. So always make sure you keep AirTags within Bluetooth range if you’re going to try to reset them.


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