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iOS 14.5 update - How to unlock your Apple iPhone with the face mask on

The iOS 14.5 update brings one of the most awaited features -- unlock iPhone with face mask on. Here's how to enable the feature. Apple has officially released the crucial iOS 14.5 software update for everyone worldwide on Monday. The latest iOS update brings some privacy improvements to Apple’s operating system and app ecosystem – App Tracking Transparency. The iOS 14.5 update also brings one of the most awaited features — unlock iPhone with face mask on for users.
Face mask has been our companion since the outbreak of the pandemic earlier last year. While the mask has helped us fight the deadly coronavirus, iPhone users have faced issues at unlocking the secure Face ID.
After almost a year of unlocking iPhones with passcode, Apple with iOS 14.5 update brings a solution to the problem. iOS 14.5 update lets users unlock their iPhone even with face mask on. Well, this comes with a catch.
It’s not the iPhone but the Apple Watch that helps users bypass the FaceID with the mask on. So, if you want to use this new feature that Apple brings with the latest iOS update, you need to own an Apple Watch.
If you have an Apple Watch, to use this face mask unlock feature, keep the watch and the iPhone in close proximity, this will help to unlock your iPhone by just turning on the screen.

How to unlock your Apple iPhone with the face mask on

-To use this feature your iPhone needs to run iOS 14.5 and the Apple Watch on watchOS 7.4.
-Once this is done, unlocking the iPhone with face mask on is as easy as it gets.
-Next, go to Settings menu
-Head over to Face ID & Passcode option
-Then scroll down to the new Unlock With Apple Watch option
-Turn on the feature. Note, you will need to adjust the settings on your iPhone only, not the watch.

How to install iOS 14.5 on your iPhone

-To start with, head over to the Settings app
-Tap on General
-Click on the Software Update option
-Wait for Apple servers for the update. Once that’s done, it will take some time to download and prepare for installation.
-Once the download is completed, reboot your device to install the update.
We recommend, before you head to upgrade the iPhone to iOS 14.5 connect your device to a stable network and also backup all your data to iCloud.


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