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How to reap benefits of garlic when skin issues

Garlic has a number of medicinal values and is an age-old cure that is known to treat various diseases and is a staple in cuisines worldwide. But garlic also has a host of other properties that make it a valuable ingredient in skincare as well. Read on to know how you reap the benefits of garlic when you have a skin issue.

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Contains the compound allicin that fights away acne-causing bacteria
Age-old remedy: Its oil helps in reducing stretch marks
Contains polyphenols and aids in removing blackheads
Anecdotal evidence suggests it helps relieve symptoms of psoriasis

Contains the compound allicin that fights away acne-causing bacteria

Garlic is a super herb that can fight acne. This is because it contains the compound allicin that kills acne-causing bacteria.
It also helps in flushing out harmful toxins from the skin and keeps it healthy.
Apply raw garlic juice on the areas affected by acne. Leave it to dry and then rinse with cold water.
Do this regularly to notice visible results.

Age-old remedy: Its oil helps in reducing stretch marks

Garlic oil is an age-old remedy for reducing stretch marks.
For this, you have to grind some garlic and make it into a fine paste. Heat the paste and extract the oil that comes out.
Wait for the oil to cool down completely. Now, gently apply it to the stretch marks.
Do this twice a day for a few weeks for best results.

Contains polyphenols and aids in removing blackheads

Garlic contains polyphenols that help control the secretion of oil on the skin. This in turn prevents the formation of blackheads.
To get this benefit, mix a tablespoon of grated tomato with half a tablespoon of grated garlic.
Apply this mask all over your face and especially on the T-zone. Rinse after 10-15 minutes.
Apply this paste twice a week to eliminate blackheads.

Anecdotal evidence suggests it helps relieve symptoms of psoriasis

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the anti-inflammatory properties of garlic help relieve the symptoms of psoriasis.
To relieve itching and to soothe rashes, all you have to do is crush some garlic into lukewarm water and take a bath with it.
However, garlic alone should not be used as a means to cure psoriasis and it should only be considered for quick relief from symptoms.


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