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Naturally beautiful - Here is how to perfect the no-makeup look

We often see pictures of celebrities running their errands, without visible makeup but looking drop-dead gorgeous. While some of them have perfect supple skin, others hide their imperfections under a layer of makeup that we don't see. This is the no-makeup look, my friend, and the next time you want to look like "you're born with it," wing these steps and look naturally beautiful.

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A well-hydrated skin is the perfect base for the layers
Apply sunscreen, followed by the most important component, primer
Apply BB creams or tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation
Apply a concealer and cream it up
Not to be missed: Cheeky glow and subtle lips
Keep your eye makeup simple without going overboard

A well-hydrated skin is the perfect base for the layers

Having a strict skincare routine is of the utmost importance when it comes to the no-makeup makeup look.
Well-hydrated skin is key to giving it a healthy glow without any added makeup.
Double cleanse your face with oil and a liquid cleanser to remove any dirt.
Apply a hydrating face mask or an exfoliating face mask before getting started with the layers.

Apply sunscreen, followed by the most important component, primer

Apply sunscreen as the first step. Follow it up with a primer.
Primer is the most important layer that is applied to the skin. Choose a primer that is well-suited for your skin.
Finding the right kind is key to perfecting the skin.
With this, when the base is rightly set, you don't have to add many layers of makeup to your skin.

Apply BB creams or tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation

Ditch the foundation completely. Apply a BB (beauty balm) cream if you want to keep it completely natural.
Opt for a CC (color correcting) cream for color correction and to hide blemishes and dark spots.
A tinted moisturizer is your go-to option for a more defined look and is a closer option to a foundation than both BB and CC creams.

Apply a concealer and cream it up

While the no-makeup look is all about letting a few imperfections shine through, you can still cover up blemishes and dark spots.
With your fingers, gently blend in the concealer around your dark spots and other blemishes that need masking.
Follow this up with a cream bronzer to sink in all the products.
For the makeup to last all day, use a setting spray.

Not to be missed: Cheeky glow and subtle lips

One aspect that shouldn't be missed about the no-makeup look is the cheeky glow and subtle lips.
Cream tinges are a better choice than powder ones as the former quickly blends into the skin. Apply nude cream blush to the cheeks, temples, and bridge of the nose.
For your lips, opt for a nude shade or you can go with a simple lip balm.

Keep your eye makeup simple without going overboard

Leave your brows unbrushed (yes, that's accepted) or neatly brush them up into place.
This look is all about the skin and skipping your mascara, fake lashes, and eyeliner will help you stay true to the look.
However, if you have to, curl your lashes and apply a little mascara.
Go out and flaunt your flawless, natural, "I woke up like this" look.


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