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Delhi air quality becomes severe - How to protect your children

Once again, in November this year, the air quality in Delhi slipped into the dreaded 'very poor' category. In some areas of the city, it has even entered the 'severe' category. Notably, Public Health Emergency has been declared in the national capital region, and schools have been ordered to remain shut till Tuesday. Here's how you can protect your children from effects of pollution.

Details Reasons why babies and children need special care
According to World Health Organization (WHO):
Children inhale more air per unit of bodyweight than adults.
Also, their lungs are still developing, hence pollution might interfere in this process.
Further, their bodies have lower ability to detoxify/excrete toxins, impurities in air.
Kids are more active, and thus take in more air.
Pollution may also affect children's cognitive development and natural growth process.

Information First things first, always keep your kids hydrated
Staying properly hydrated is anyway crucial, more so, when air pollution is at its peak. Hence, always keep your children aptly hydrated. This will help flush out toxins and impurities from their body. You can also consider giving them herbal teas like ginger tea.

Diet Give your kids a healthy diet to boost their immunity
It is important to build strong immunity in order to fight the ill-effects of pollution.
Hence, we suggest you to take a diet rich in Vitamin C, magnesium, omega fatty acids, as these nutrients give a boost to the immunity.
Junk and fast food should be totally avoided.
Some of the healthiest, immunity-boosting food choices are olive oil, tomatoes, broccoli, avocado, ginger, and flaxseed.

Tips (1) How to keep your children safe from indoor pollution
1) When smog envelops the air, it is better to keep your children from heading out, if it's not inevitable. Let your kids take a break from school, for sake of their good health.
2) Install good-quality air purifiers at your home to protect children from effects of pollution.
3) Consider growing air-purifying plants such as tulsi and money plant at your home.

Tips (2) Tips to help keep your children safe from outdoor pollution
1) Make your kids wear respiratory masks whenever they go out. This will help cut down the amount of harmful particles they take in, thus reducing chances of illness.
2) Avoid strenuous activity/exercise, especially outdoors.
3) Avoid burning garbage and stop others from doing so.
4) Try using modes of public transport more frequently for the larger good of the city.
5) Quit smoking.


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