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Cottage cheese for weight loss - 5 healthy dishes to try

Cottage cheese (or paneer) is downright one of the most popular ingredients across the country. From five-star restaurants to the average Indian household, you will find cottage cheese everywhere. What's more? It is amazingly versatile and quite delicious. But that doesn't mean that all cottage cheese dishes will give you unwanted kilos. Here are 5 healthy cottage cheese dishes you can try today.

Here's how cottage cheese can help you lose weight
Cottage cheese is a great source of protein, which induces satiety. Thus, it can keep you full, thereby reducing hunger pangs and eliminating the need for unhealthy snacking. Also, it is low on carbohydrates and calories. But you'll have to move over those calorie-loaded curries.

#1,2 Munch on raw cheese or prepare healthy paranthas
Raw paneer: One of the simplest and healthiest ways to include cottage cheese in diet is to have it raw. That way, it's oil-free and quite low on calories. If it tastes boring, add some masala to it.
Paneer paranthas: Ditch the potatoes and prepare healthy cottage cheese paranthas, using minimum oil, and serve along with raita to relish a wholesome and healthy meal.

#3,4 Prepare filling sandwiches and low-fat cottage cheese tikka
Sandwich: Mash some cottage cheese and add masala of your choice. Use this mix to prepare healthy sandwiches and you won't feel hungry for a number of hours.
Paneer tikka: Tikkas are not fried, so they aren't really loaded with a lot of calories. So, avoid using grease and prepare filling paneer tikkas. Serve with mint chutney for a healthy and delectable snack.

Recipe #5 You can simply toss cheese to your salads
Another way to reap the goodness of cottage cheese is to simply toss it into your salads. For one, you can take sprouts, add a couple of veggies, your favorite chaat masala, and top it with cubes of fresh cheese. Enjoy!

Tips Some other handy tips and tricks to lose weight
Follow these simple tips and tricks to reduce weight:
1) Include more and more soluble fiber and protein in your diet.
2) Reduce your intake of sugary foods and alcohol.
3) Eat only healthy snacks - let go of those burgers and fries.
4) Always stay hydrated.
5) Reduce your stress levels.
6) Get proper rest on a daily basis.


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