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WhatsApp for iOS and Android to get these interesting features soon

WhatsApp is constantly evolving its services as it continues to serve over 1.5 billion users across all platforms. Over the past few months, features like payments, picture-in-picture mode, group video calls and others have already made it to the Facebook-owned messaging app. And now, the company is working to add some more interesting features that will enhance your messaging experience. Here's a sneak peek.

Feature #1 Self-destructing messages
Like Signal, Snapchat, and Telegram, WhatsApp is also getting self-destructing messages sometime soon.
As the name suggests, it allows you to send messages that automatically get deleted for everyone after a pre-determined time period.
The feature is aimed at improving security as you can confidently share passwords or sensitive information without worrying about manually deleting it in the chat.

Feature #2 Hide muted Status
WhatsApp is also adding a new "Hide muted status" feature that will remove the muted status feeds from your list. At present, you can mute the status of a contact but it's not really hidden as your status feed shows it in faded version.

Feature #3 Dark Mode
Dark Mode is one of the most anticipated features to come to WhatsApp. The company is currently testing the feature and it remains available in beta version.
The feature recolors the app and most of its screens, including chat window and settings, with a dark grey shade.
This way, you can save the battery and using the app becomes more convenient, especially at night.

Feature #4 WhatsApp to introduce multi-platform feature
WhatsApp is working on a multi-platform feature that will let you use the service on multiple devices with the same account, much like Apple's iMessage.
This feature will allow you to use your main WhatsApp account on more than one device simultaneously and independently.
Hence, even if your primary phone has no internet connection, you can continue to use WhatsApp on your tablet/desktop.


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