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Planning a girls-only getaway - Here are top five destinations

In all the hustle-and-bustle of life, you somehow forgot those fun night-outs, pyjama parties, and cooking sessions that were once the dearest to you, didn't you?
If you have, of late, lost connection with your girlfriends, we totally feel the pain.
However, it's high time to act- so call your best buddies and plan an unforgettable getaway to these top five destinations.

#1 Tokyo, Japan: Get a taste of tradition with your girls
Get a taste of city life and tradition by heading to the unique Japanese capital, Tokyo.
There is plenty to do there- so better brace yourself and your girlfriends.
When there, do check out the Tokyo Tower, Sens?-ji temple, the Disneyland, and Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.
You and your girls will be amazed by the great hospitality and lip-smacking cuisine of the Asian city.

#2 Paris, France: City of Love is a treat for girls
There is never a bad time to head to the spellbinding French capital- the beloved City of Love, Paris.
And more so, when the plan includes your best buddies.
We suggest you to shop until you drop at the European fashion capital.
Other cliche yet worthy places to visit in Paris include the marvelous Eiffel Tower, the spectacular Louvre museum, and the Notre Dame.

#3 Ibiza, Spain: For lovers of parties and more parties
Not the cheapest destination on this list- Ibiza in Spain is a paradise for those looking to unwind and party like there's no tomorrow.
Plan a super-happening getaway to the place and have the time of your lives.
When your gang is a bit less hungover- spend your time hiking, horseback riding and shopping.
Also, try exploring the ancient alleys of Dalt Vila.

#4 Las Vegas, USA: Clubs, casinos, shopping et al
It's not just about gambling in Las Vegas, there's always so much happening in this American city that you and your girls might as well fall short of time (and money).
When your group is done strolling around the various clubs and casinos, go and check out the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and the Fremont Street.
So indulge- your gang deserves it.

#5 London, UK: Shopping, food, sightseeing and whatnot
For a classy experience, pack your bags and your buddies, and head to the English capital city, London.
Once there, make sure to visit the Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, London Eye, and St. Paul's Cathedral.
Not only that, the city is also popular for its amazing shopping areas and delectable cuisine.
Still waiting? Collect your girls and start having some real fun again.


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