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Five Healthy Habit - The Right Way to start your day

Today, lifestyle-induced diseases are highly prevalent, with so many people suffering from diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension.
And our ignorance towards our diet and lifestyle patterns is to be blamed for this.
Notably, achieving and maintaining good health is a long-term process that requires healthy and mindful dietary and lifestyle changes.
Here are five healthy habits you should follow in the morning, everyday.

#1 Drink water: It will flush out toxins, keep you hydrated
Probably the first thing you should do in the morning is grab a glassful of water, and gulp it down.
Drinking water early as you wake up will help improve circulation of nutrients in the body, flush out toxins, enhance digestion, and also aid in weight loss.
Furthermore, do make sure to drink 8-12 glasses of water later throughout the day to stay hydrated.

#2 Eat breakfast: Have something filling and nutritious in morning
Diet is one of the most important factors for your health.
Aim to eat a healthy and filling breakfast each morning, within thirty minutes of waking up.
It will give you energy until lunch time, and keep unnecessary hunger pangs away.
Make sure to never skip your breakfast.
Some healthy Indian breakfast options are idli, vegetable dosa, vegetable upma, and poha, among others.

#3 Exercise: It will improve fitness, enhance your productivity
We know you are busy, and sneaking in time for exercise early in the morning might be too much to ask for, but a light, 15-minute morning exercise ritual on a daily basis will go a long way in upping your health.
It will improve your energy levels, and enhance productivity.
Know that simple cardio exercises like jogging, running, biking etc. can help.

#4,5 Meditate in the morning; Try your hands at Yoga
Meditation: Sitting down to meditate for just about 10 minutes will help reduce your stress levels, improve focus, stability, and your general mental well-being.
Yoga: There are many benefits of this ancient Ayurvedic practice. Performing just a couple of Yoga poses early in the morning everyday will help improve your blood flow, enhance digestion, boost your immunity, increase endurance, and thus productivity, in general.



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