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Follow these dressing - Heading for an interview tips (for women)

Job hunt is one of the most crucial stages in one's life.
The experience can, by nature, get nerve-racking.
However, with decent preparation, a composed state-of-mind, and appropriate dressing, you'll be fine.
Apart from having subject-oriented knowledge, you need confidence to score that dream job.
So, in case you are heading for an interview, follow these simple yet essential dressing tips.

#1 Do some prior research, find if there's a dress code
Prior to the the interview, do some research about the organization: Learn about their work setting, premises and office style.
This will help you decide your attire for the big day.
Although in no case should you go for your regular tee-and-jeans, some advance research will help choose between going formal or semi-formal.
In case the company has a certain dressing code, follow suit.

#2 To play safe, a suit might be your best bet
If you want to play it safe (which you should), wearing a suit for your interview might be your best bet.
Pick one that fits you nicely, and isn't too flashy.
Dark colors are preferable for such formal occasions.
Good brands will get you noticed, but don't mess up your budget- wear the best quality you can afford.
Skirt or pants? Your call.

#3 If not a suit, go for something casual yet classy
If your potential workplace is more casual, you may be fine without a suit.
But still go for something classy and sophisticated.
For instance, a dark shirt/sweater and tailored pants might be a good pick.
Just know that dark colors and good quality never fail to impress.
And since devil is in the details, make sure that your clothes are spotless and well ironed.

#4 How to pick the right shoes for yourself
Picking the right set of shoes could be confusing.
Do consider your industry and job-profile before putting on your footwear.
For example, in the fashion industry, high heels might be fine, but if you are going to work in a school, basic flat should be a good choice.
Generally speaking, wear something you feel comfortable in, and that goes well with your overall attire.

#5 Jewelry and makeup: Keep it simple, don't go overboard
Do not wear too much jewelry.
Keep it light- a small necklace and a pair of earrings should be fine.
Avoid too many rings. Also note that too many piercings may put off your employer.
As for makeup, don't go overboard.
In simple terms, it should look like you've not applied makeup, but you still need even skin tone and a bit of color.

To sum it up: Be confident, wear a smile
These tips might seem simple, but it's striking how so many ladies fail to follow these basic rules when going for interviews. In addition to following these dressing tips, make sure to be confident. Go in with a smile and be honest. All the best!



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