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How to change your name on Facebook

here may be a number of reasons why you may want to change your name on Facebook. You may want people to recognise you by your pseudonym or a pen name. Or there may be a special name your friends call you by that you wish to use.
In a rare case, you may have changed your name, and you want to announce it to the world. Whatever the reason may be, the way to change your name on Facebook is quite easy and straightforward. Here's our step-by-step guide on how you can go about it:
On Desktop Step 1: Log in to Facebook
Step 2: Click on the arrow icon next to Notifications and Quick Help icons and select 'Settings'.
Step 3: Go to 'General Account Settings'.
Step 4: Click on the 'Edit' option next to 'Name.'
Step 5: Enter the new name you want on Facebook. Besides changing your first and last name, you can also enter a middle name.
Step 6: Press on the 'Review changes' button. On doing this, Facebook will give you the option of selecting how your name will appear.
Step 7: Select the option you like, enter your password and press 'Save changes.'
On App Step 1: Log in to Facebook
Step 2: Press the hamburger icon next to the notification bell icon on top right.
Step 3: Scroll down to Account Settings.
Step 4: Select the option of 'General' on the top.
Step 5: Select 'Name.' The rest of the process on the app is same as it is on the desktop.
After you do this, your name will be changed on Facebook immediately. However, Facebook does have a practice of asking its users why they opted to change their name. And note that if your reason is not listed in the requirements Facebook lists, your name will not be changed on the social networking platform. Also, keep in mind that there are some restrictions that Facebook places on changing names.
These include not using any unusual capitalisation, symbols, numbers, repeating characters or punctuation, characters from multiple languages, your title, words or phrases, and offensive or suggestive words. It is also notable that you can only change your name for the second time on Facebook before 60 days.


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